Preparatory Work

Accept and install only DragonBoard® supplied by an authorized DragonBoard® dealer, in manufacturer’s original, unopened, undamaged containers with identification labels intact. Only material purchased from an authorized DragonBoard dealer or distributor will be warranted by the manufacturer. (Contact DRAGONBOARD USA customer service to verify authorized-dealer status). Please read completely and understand all sections titled “Precautions” and “Methods”. For further advice or to consult with a DRAGONBOARD USA representative or to inquire about DRAGONBOARD® instructional seminars, call (905) 282-9900  or email


DRAGONBOARD® can be cut, trimmed or shaped using ordinary power tools.
DRAGONBOARD® panels may be fastened to supporting joists or studs using self-drilling, self-countersinking, corrosion-protected, #10 cement board screws. (Contact DRAGONBOARD® technical services for detailed fastener recommendations)

The smooth side of DRAGONBOARD® is suitable for painting with no further preparation. Textured side is suitable for application of ceramic tile. Use either solvent-based oil paint or water-based latex paint.

DRAGONBOARD® is not recommended for prolonged direct exposure to rain or weather. DRAGONBOARD® panels indirectly exposed to the elements, require an application of a prime coat of acrylic-siloxane waterproofing sealant, followed by oil-based paint.

Use solvent-based tile mastic where DRAGONBOARD® is to be used as a mounting substrate for ceramic tile, as in a bath or shower enclosure.

DRAGONBOARD® recommended assemblies consist of interior wall, staircase, ceiling and floor/ceiling assemblies. (For all other applications contact DRAGONBOARD® technical services.)

UL rated fire assemblies can be viewed on under Certifications, key-word DRAGONBOARD® or on the DRAGONBOARD® website,

*WHEN INSTALLING DRAGONBOARD® FLOORING, ALWAYS INSTALL SMOOTH SIDE UP. When floor joists are installed on greater than 16” centers, contact DRAGONBOARD® technical services for installation guidance. There are many floor design options that can be utilized with DragonBoard® to deliver varying degrees of sound and stiffness performance. Please contact DragonBoard® technical services for assistance with these design options.


Use caution when handling wet DRAGONBOARD® panels.

DRAGONBOARD® contains no carcinogenic material. However, a dust mask is always recommended during routing, cutting and/or sanding operations.

Wear gloves to avoid abrasion injuries.

Fasteners should be no closer than 2” (50mm) from corners, with the adjoining screw not less than 4”(100 mm) from the same corner.

Do not install screws at 45° angles on corners.

Always support board ends by joists.

Always install any fasteners over supporting structures.

Fasteners should be no closer than ¾” (19mm) from any edge.

DRAGONBOARD® is not recommended for overhanging cantilevers.

Do not install mechanical fasteners (nails, screws, staples, etc) directly to DRAGONBOARD® unless attaching to a stud, joist or mechanical anchor

The use of “setting” compounds (such as USG Durabond 90) and mesh tape for seams is suggested.

To allow for structural movement or flexing of the walls or studs, leave a “nickel” space of approximately 1/16” between the panels. Fill this space completely with joint compound. • Please read completely and understand all installation suggestions.

Use fasteners designed to be corrosion-resistant and self-countersinking, suitable for cement-board (examples 1 1/4” ITWBUILDEX ‘Rock-On’; DuraSpin; Grabber; UFO, or equals)

Use winged-tipped screws only when installing over steel studs 16 MSG or thicker

Building Codes

Installation must comply with all applicable local, state and federal codes.