When the problem is Mold, Fungus, Insect, Fire or Water, DRAGONBOARD is the perfect solution.


DRAGONBOARD can be cut, trimmed, drilled or shaped using ordinary power tools. DRAGONBOARD panels may be fastened to supporting joists using self-drilling, self-countersinking, corrosion protected cement board screws. Fasteners should be spaced at 12″ (305 mm) intervals along edges. Spacing may be increased to 18″ (457 mm) at intermediate joists. The smooth side of the DRAGONBOARD is suitable for painting with no further preparation, and the rough side is suitable for application of ceramic tile. Either solvent based oil paint or water based latex paint can be used. If the panels are to be directly exposed to rain and weather, apply a prime coat of acrylic-siloxane waterproofing sealer, followed by oil based paint.

Where DRAGONBOARD is to be used as a mounting surface for ceramic tile, such as in a bath or shower enclosure, a solvent based tile mastic is recommended. DRAGONBOARD recommended assemblies consist of exterior wall, interior wall, shaftwall, steel column, staircase, ceiling/floor and roofing. Recommended installation methods for each application are available at www.DRAGONBOARD.com.


Avoid handling DRAGONBOARD panels when wet.

DRAGONBOARD does not contain any known cancer causing materials. Use of a dust mask is recommended during cutting and sanding operations.

Use of gloves is suggested to reduce the possibility of abrasion injuries.

Fasteners should not be closer than 2″ (51 mm) from a corner, with the adjoining screw not less than 4″ (102 mm) from the same corner.

Do not install screws on 45 degree angles at corners.

Board ends must be supported by joists.

Supporting Structure

Do not install surface coverings by driving screw fasteners, except over supporting structure.

Cantilever overhangs are not recommended. Fasteners should not be closer than 3/4″ (19.1 mm) from any edge.

Do not fasten coverings directly to DRAGONBOARD with mechanical fasteners (nails, screws, staples, etc.)

Buildings Codes

Installation must comply with the requirements of all applicable local, state and federal code jurisdictions.


Products are available from certified distributors. Contact manufacturer for information on local availability.


Budget installed cost information may be obtained from the manufacturer.


Complete warranty terms and conditions are available from the manufacturer. For details, consult DRAGONBOARD US.


None required.

Technical Services

Technical assistance, including more detailed information, product literature, test results and project lists, is available by contacting DRAGONBOARD US.

Filing Systems

Reed First Source.


Additional product information is available from the manufacturer upon request.