The DRAGONBOARD family of products are ideal choices for walls, ceiling, and flooring panels


  • DRAGONBOARD can be used with wood or light-gauge steel framing.
  • DRAGONBOARD diaphragm stiffness allows distributed loads of over 240 psf (1172 kg/m2) for L/360 when supported on 16″ (406 mm) centers and 360 psf (1758 kg/m2) for L/240. Flexural strength is equivalent to concrete at approximately 3000 psi (20,670 kPa) in compression.
  • DRAGONBOARD can be used in heavy commercial construction with the assembly consisting of I-beam construction and Type B corrugated decking in spans up to 5′ (1.5 m), thus eliminating costly and time-consuming concrete pours.
  • DRAGONBOARD significantly reduces installation costs, offering savings of 20 – 85% over competing products, depending on the application.
  • DRAGONBOARD is a non-nutrient to mold or fungus per ASTM G21 and does not support insect life. It provides superior moisture resistance in high-humidity areas and combats the growth of mold and mildew.
  • DRAGONBOARD is completely waterproof. It will not disintegrate when immersed in water or exposed to freeze/thaw cycles DRAGONBOARD can be cut, trimmed, drilled or shaped using ordinary power tools.
  • DRAGONBOARD panels may be fastened to supporting joists using self-drilling, self-countersinking, corrosion protected cement board screws. Fasteners should be spaced at 12″ (305 mm) intervals along edges. Spacing may be increased to 18″ (457 mm) at intermediate joists. The smooth side of the
  • DRAGONBOARD is suitable for painting with no further preparation, and the rough side is suitable for application of ceramic tile. Either solvent based oil paint or water based latex paint can be used. If the panels are to be directly exposed to rain and weather, apply a prime coat of acrylic-siloxane waterproofing sealer, followed by oil based paint.
  • In many applications, ¾” DRAGONBOARD® Flooring can save 40%-50% over poured concrete. Compared to cement-based products, DRAGONBOARD® is remarkably cost effective.

3/4″ Nominal Flooring – Distributed Live Loads – LBS/Sq.Ft.

12″ OC 16″ OC 24″ OC
L / 240 924 393 110
L / 360 605 257 81

Interior/ Exterior

  • Where DRAGONBOARD is to be used as a mounting surface for ceramic tile, such as in a bath or shower enclosure, a solvent based tile mastic is recommended.
  • DRAGONBOARD recommended assemblies consist of exterior wall, interior wall, shaftwall, steel column, staircase, ceiling/floor and roofing.